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This site presents a multi-dimensional terminological framework for classifying Wirtschaftsinformatik research (from German speaking countries) and Information Systems research (primarily from North-America). More than 1500 academic publications have been classified using the categories provided by the framework. The framework has been implemented as a tree structure with four major subtrees: one on the subject of research, two related to the research method and one specifying objectives of research. Each publication of the analysis corpus has been assigned to - at least - one category of the four major subtrees. The terminological framework has been developed primarily in German language, an English title is also available for most categories.

The framework development and classification of publications are part of the dissertation project of Carola Schauer. The corresponding IFWIS research project was funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The dissertation thesis is available in German as: Carola Schauer: "Die Wirtschaftsinformatik im internationalen Wettbewerb: Vergleich der Forschung im deutschsprachigen und nordamerikanischen Raum", Gabler, April 2011 (Titel i. Orig.: Wirtschaftsinformatik und Information Systems: Vergleich der Forschungskonzeptionen im deutschsprachigen und nordamerikanischen Raum).

Feel free to contact us via e-Mail (carola.schauer at if you are interested in applying and further developing the framework for your own publication analysis project.

You are welcome to send us feedback on this project via e-Mail (carola.schauer at

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