• that enabled you to model, program and define new languages – all at the same time
  • … and to create corresponding editors on the fly
  • that featured a common representation of models and code
  • … and frees you from the burden to synchronize both

Imagine …

you had a multilevel language engineering and execution tool.

To learn more about the project Language Engineering for Multi-Level Modeling (LE4MM) and the XModelerML you can choose from various resources. The teasers Motivation, Prospects and Foundations below give access to documents and videos that describe the project‘s background and its objectives. Through the teaser XModelerML you can download the latest version of the tool and various screencasts that guide its installation and use. You can also make use of the navigation above which contains also examples for the use of XModelerML.

Kids in box cars


Why does software development require conceptual models and why is the current paradigm in conceptual modelling not satisfactory?

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Sunset over the mountains


What can one expect by a new paradigm in conceptual modeling?

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Statue of a thinking man


Multi-level modeling is based on hierarchies in natural language. The core ideas can be traced back into the 80th of the last century.

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A climber on top of the mountain


Download the XModelerML and see screencasts about its usage or read the latest publications.

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